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Apr 21, 2014

Sanfuentes - Body Talk (Jack Savidge Remix)
Release Date: March The 18th


Sanfuentes Records

Hot in the heels of “Heatwave” Sanfuentes releases “Bodytalk”.
Personally road tested during the last few months, the bodies talked and definitely approved
Living up to the label’s slogan, this release goes up to 110%

B-Side “For Those About To Jack” goes head - to - head with “Bodytalk”.

PLUS, Sanfuentes’ handpicked remixers make a truly luxurious team of international dancefloor rhythm mechanics.
Includes remixes by:
- Harvard Bass: (Relief Records) who just delivered an incredible debut album + many collaborations with Green Velvet.
- Djs Pareja: (Cómeme) are many djs secret weapon. Argentinean sexy rhythm masters.
- Jack Savidge: from his own DeepShit label and Friendly Fires fame. HIS NAME is Jack. Watch out.
- Andre VII: (Electrique / Bromance). He’s been busy taking care of one of the most interesting new dance music scenes nowadays: México.
- Roman & Castro: Housemasters from Santiago, Chile. Google Alert these guys.

Here’s some FANTASTIC advance feedback:

Todd Edwards:
“Great tracks, love the remixes as well”

Simian Mobile Disco:
“Will definitely play this, the Djs Pareja remix is great!”

Ewan Pearson:
“The Djs Pareja remix is the one for me - absolutely

Jacques Renault:

Michael Mayer:
“Djs Pareja never fail to amaze me….”

“Thank You!! 5/5”

Justin Robertson:
“Killer release… total jacking anthems”

“Definitely need this, thank you…”

Dj Chloe:

“Bodytalk: BOMB! Love all tracks”

Nadia Ksaiba (Phantasy):
“Yay! Fun, please send wavs to me!! like all these.”

Alejandro Paz (Cómeme):
“Cool tracks and nice remixes! Loving Bodytalk, crazy melodie!”

Horse Meat Disco:
“A great package indeed, Jack Savidge rmx is my fav, original super cool too”

“My fav Sanfuentes release so far…Bodytalk is a killer!
original version and remixes are TOP!!!!”

Daniel Benedittini:
“Harvard Bass remix for me! Thank you guys!”

Them Jeans:
“Great! For Those About To Jack is my fav… the stabs are
classic bro”

Christian S (Cómeme):
“Great! super tracks and cool remixes …”

Sano (Cómeme):

“For those About to Jack and Djs Pareja version of Bodytalk are ace!

Sebastian Chenut (Scratch Massive):
“Awesome!! Bodytalk will stay in our set list for years. I’m pretty sure…”

Catalepsia (Days Of Being Wild):
“Both originals are absolute killers. This EP will stay with me for a long long time. Sounds like classics to me. Great job. Bravo.”

Hugo Capablanca:
“Bodytalk original and Djs Pareja rmx for me!”

Mario Cotto (KCRW):
“A stunning range of emotions here. From menace to ecstasy. From smile to sneer. The remixers are all boss. Well done.”

“Killers in the pack!”

Strip Steve:
“Big up Harvard Bass, dope Bodytalk remix! love the Roman &
Castro one as well & For Those About To jack!”

“Orale vato! great remix from Harvard Bass”

“Good acid !”

Erol Alkan:

Apr 21, 2014

Aphex Twin - Ptolemy

Apr 18, 2014 / 1 note

Melbourne Deepcast 115: Erdbeerschnitzel

interview with Erdbeerschnitzel:


Erdbeerschnitzel - Tonight is Today is Tomorrow
Erdbeerschnitzel - Crossroads
Erdbeerschnitzel - Untitled/Unreleased (with vocals by Tina Slotta / Uncanny Valley)
Erdbeerschnitzel - Same Same
Erdbeerschnitzel - Cushion
Erdbeerschnitzel - Untitled/Unreleased
Erdbeerschnitzel - Separate Spaces
Erdbeerschnitzel - Untitled/Unreleased
Erdbeerschnitzel - Suave
Erdbeerschnitzel - Devotion

Apr 18, 2014

Fasten Musique Podcast 048 - Archie Hamilton

Archie Hamilton(Moscow Records/Moss Co) - London, UK

Archie Hamilton is the London based DJ/producer forging his own distinguished sound.
He has released on much respected underground labels such as Fear of Flying, Tzinah, Moral Fiber and of course his own imprints, Moscow Records and Moss Co. Along the way he has gained strong support from the likes of Marco Carola, tINI and Robert Dietz amongst many others. Archie’s intelligent DJ sets interpret a hypnotic trip through house and techno, with deep rolling bass and groove.

Apr 18, 2014
Apr 18, 2014

Gary Beck - Pure Sugar Cane

Track from the Pure Cane Sugar EP - Out now on BEK Audio


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Supreme x The North Face 2014 Spring/Summer Collection.
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Supreme x The North Face 2014 Spring/Summer Collection.


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Apr 15, 2014

DJ Krizz alias Chicago Habit is the driven soul of Play’house events and radio show since 2005. A belgium based house concept inviting some of the scene’s most respected hot shots and true pioneers.

For info and bookings:

Chicago Habit:
Music: @djkrizz-playhouse


Johnston & Murphy shoes
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Apr 13, 2014

M.T.S - Flash Back

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